As our members continue to provide high quality care to Ohio’s vulnerable populations, LeadingAge Ohio is urging everyone to review the following resources on control and prevention of Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Check LeadingAge's FAQs and Resources on COVID-19 Vaccines and Issues Surrounding Vaccinations frequently. The most recent update includes Q&A on implications of mandating the vaccine for staff.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has released a preliminary toolkit that has been developed with talking points, language tips, social media language, and trusted resources to help providers better communicate information regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

If you have a question, concern, or want to share resources regarding COVID-19, we have a dedicated email account. Send a message to, and we will get back to you quickly. As always, feel free to email or call any LeadingAge Ohio staff individually. 

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Recent Updates

All Member Q&A - February 9, 2021 Information

February 9- All Member Q&A recording

February 9- All Member Q&A slides pdf (Member Only)

Identifying Gaps/Risks: Helpful links shared during the call




Hand hygiene & cleansing


Staffing Shortages


Residents with COVID

Staff with COVID



      As county positivity rates decline, providers will need to offer indoor visitation

Staff Emotional Well-being

  • LeadingAge Ohio Mental Health Resources (located on the COVID Hub under toolkits/Guidance)


Vaccination Information/Resources

Communication around the vaccine with residents and staff is important.  We've compiled several resources below to help in getting the word out and building confidence around the vaccine.

LeadingAge Ohio All Member Q & A: Vaccine Participation (1/12/20)

Testing Resources

Lab Capacity Dashboard

The new dashboard provides self-reported information about labs that can run tests, including hours of operation, types of tests they accept, estimated turn-around time, and locations.

LeadingAge Resources

Pandemic Playbook 

An interactive collection of insight, wisdom, and critical lessons LeadingAge members have learned about serving older adults during a catastrophic health crisis.

Coronavirus Resources

Visit this page regularly for current information, tools, and resources to help LeadingAge members plan for and respond to COVID-19.

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Have you listened to LeadingAge’s new podcast, The Mentor’s Voice? Published twice a month, on Tuesdays, this podcast provides students and young professionals an opportunity to candidly learn from leaders In the field of aging. The goal is to disseminate wisdom and knowledge to emerging leaders and to inspire and inform their career journey.

On Tuesday, December 15, hear from special guest Sean Kelly, President and CEO of Kendal.

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Vaccination Information/Resources

Daily Reports

LeadingAge (National) Resources

All Member Webinar Recordings

Crisis Communications Toolkit

Home Health & Hospice News

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Education & Webinars

Coronavirus Spotlight Podcasts

LeadingAge Coronavirus Spotlights

Podcast series featuring presentations by LeadingAge members and subject-matter experts who have been guests on the live daily online updates. Listen to these brief but informative podcasts to learn more about how your colleagues are coping with the pandemic. 

Policies & Regulations

Ohio Department of Health (ODH)

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Ohio Department of Aging

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Provider/Setting Specific


Adult Day/PACE/Senior Centers

Affordable Housing

COVID-19 Update and Discussions for Affordable Housing Call Notes [Members Only]

September 23 | September 1 |August 19 |August 5 |July 1 |July 1June 24 |  June 17 | June 10 |  June 3 | May 27 | May 20 | May 13 | May 6 |  April 29 (includes PPT and resource links)  | April 22 | April 8 | April 1 | March 18

Assisted Living Communities

Home Health


Life Plan Communities

Nursing Homes







Activity Professionals

Job Placement Support - We Need You

Mental Health Resources for Providers

Social Isolation

Outdoor Visitation

Activity Professionals

Crisis Communications Toolkit

You Asked... We Answered

You Asked... We Answered: 2/22/21

Do you know how many Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans will be participating in the hospice Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) model in Ohio and can a hospice provider still apply to be in the demo?

Read More >

You Asked... We Answered: 2/16/21

Does LeadingAge Ohio know if physician assistants (PAs) are able to sign orders in Ohio for hospice patients?

Read More >

You Asked... We Answered: 2/9/21

In speaking with social workers from other hospices, and there are differences of opinion regarding what can be counted as a social work visit under the current Hospice CMS Flexibilities. Can LeadingAge Ohio clarify whether a phone call (audio only) with a patient counts as a visit or not? I thought that if a telephone was used for a social work visit, there needed to be audio and visual with real-time with interactive capabilities. I thought that if a telephone was used for a social work visit that there needed to be audio & visual, real-time with interactive capabilities, otherwise it would simply be a social work telephone call. I appreciate any information you are able to share.

Read More >

You Asked... We Answered: 2/2/21

How often do nursing home residents and staff need to be tested in an outbreak? Ohio guidance says 3 to 7 days so does that mean we only have to test weekly?

Read More >

You Asked... We Answered: 2/1/21

There was an open-door forum in early January where CMS said, “If two visits occurred on the same day and there are appropriate claims submitted for the two visits in the last three days of life, it would count toward meeting this new measure.” Is that really true? The way the measure is written, it sounds like the visits would have to be on two separate days in the last three days of life.

Read More >

You Asked... We Answered: 1/26/21

We have a therapy patient who has gotten to an optimal level of functioning. We would like to do maintenance therapy. For Medicare patients, do we need to discharge and readmit this type of patient to shift to a maintenance plan of care? The end of the episode for this patient is not for another four weeks.

Read More >

You Asked... We Answered: 1/12/21

I am wondering if LeadingAge Ohio has any knowledge about Low Resource Utilization Residents (PA1 and PA2) in nursing facilities. I was informed by a nursing facility that the payment should be $115.00 for a resident who is considered a PA1. However, if the nursing facility reimbursement is $115.00 per day, do you know how much the hospice should bill the payer? Would a hospice bill at 95% of the daily per diem like we do other Medicaid recipients?

Read More >

You Asked... We Answered: 1/5/21

We are now receiving regular shipments of the BinaxNOW tests and would like to start using them to test staff who are going into ECFs. We have gotten approval from CLIA. Can you point me in the right direction of the best resources for exactly what data needs to be collected and where it needs to be reported?

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You Asked... We Answered: 12/22/20

We have a couple initial certifications of terminal illness (CTI’s) that have not been signed by the attending physician. The attending physicians for these patients are community physicians. We have faxed the CTI’s, mailed the CTI’s, and talked to the physicians’ offices but the physicians still have not signed the CTI’s. Is there anything that we can do to bill for services if our hospice physician signed the CTI’s but the attending physician did not sign them? In both cases, the patient has since died.

Read More >

You Asked... We Answered: 12/18/20

Are Independent living residents (IL) in CCRC/Life Plan Communities included in the initial roll-out of the vaccine?

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You Asked... We Answered: 12/17/20

If a senior affordable housing property is registered with the National Pharmacy Partnership Program, will they be contacted by the pharmacy and scheduled? What if they did NOT register?

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You Asked... We Answered: 12/17/20

Will home care workers (home health and hospice employees) be in the first tranche of vaccines (1A), with those they serve will be a later tranche? If so, will these agencies be given the vaccines by their local health department (LHD)?

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You Asked... We Answered: 12/15/20

Can an Ohio Advance Directive documents (Living Will or Healthcare Power of Attorney) be witnessed virtually if there is both audio/visual capabilities available so the witness can see and hear the individual signing the document?

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You Asked... We Answered: 12/8/20

As we approach the end of the year, we are trying to schedule supervisory visits for all of our hospice field nurses that we were not able to complete earlier in the year. Are there any COVID flexibilities allowed this year related to the requirement for nurse supervisory visits?

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You Asked... We Answered: 11/24/20

If a patient has identified an attending physician, who will also be acting as the patient’s hospice physician, are two verbal certifications required for this patient? For instance, one signature from the hospice physician, who is also the attending physician, and one signature from a second hospice physician?

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You asked... We answered 11/17/20

Is the 1135 waiver still in place and if so, can a hospice still conduct a Face-to-Face encounter via telehealth if there are audio and visual capabilities with the telehealth platform?

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You asked... We answered 11/10/20

One of our hospice patients is positive for COVID-19 in a nursing facility. Is there an exemption saying a nursing facility can skill them for COVID-19 isolation and we can keep the patient on hospice and bill Medicare concurrently?

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